Monday, August 17, 2009

Portland Sunday Rides!

Fun stuff. Bike ridin'/ fixy babes. Oh u don' t like brakes? Thas ok hunny.

The Portland art scene is so hit and miss for me. Last weekend I went to the Portland Art museum, mostly to check out the exhibit they had on Dali (which left me floored/ the guy had some serious art chops). Then I decided to go check out the wing dedicated to contemporary art. I am not a whore for big names in art, in fact I love rooting for local artists and support them however I can. That being said, the contemporary wing was pretty abysmal.

It seems like the technique of taking a portrait, gobbing a shitload of Oils on , has become extremely in vogue. There is not much soul to this work, and I lost track of how many pieces took rehashed pop art and covered it in stuff. Stuff doesn't mean creativety.

Here is a piece by Keith Haring to offset the negativity.

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